Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bits from my weekend...

How's everyone been doing? I've been doing pretty good here. I had a really nice quiet weekend at home, last weekend. And I'll be blogging about it today. But, I must say first. I am having my period right now (sorry, TMI). And I'm just having major major cramps today. I started yesterday and was functional yesterday... meaning I could still clean my house... wash, dry and fold my laundry. Make dinner. But today...OMG! Good thing my house is clean right now, ya'll because as soon as I post this, I am going to go lay down on the couch and rest for today. I feel like death today! It's also raining quite badly today, gray overcast and a slightly chilly day. Maybe a long sleeve top and shorts type day. Not a day needing the heater... but you definitely feel a nice crispness to the air for sure. It should rain all day and stop at 7pm, where I live this evening, we're also getting mid-high winds. And good thing I made a huge pot of curry yesterday because we will be having curry spaghetti tonight and salads. Ugh. Very nice to have dinner 90% a leftover from yesterday. Awesome and surely saves me for today, since I'm having TOM issues today. : ) Anyways...back to the post. These couple backyard pics were snapped last Friday. June 16th. I had just swept and mopped the heck out of the kitchen floor. And washed the kitchen mats, 2 toilet mats one from each of the bathrooms and our stripey bath math that we dry our feet on... after shower time. The weather has been just beautiful all month. Warm in the day about 78-79 F in the day time and 64 degrees F at night. So very comfortable weather. : ) I wish Japan's weather could be like this year round. : ) I'd love it. 

Update on the "hot pink" ahem...although they called these light red? @_@ Remember that? These were duds this year and we took them out of the hanging baskets weeks and weeks ago and transplanted them into the earth to see..if they live...then great and if not...well at least we tried. They still look...meh! Ykwim? Like..they are not dead yet... but they're not thriving either or growing at all. 

They're in this corner. And we do water them once a day. But honestly...I think once the brutal sauna-like unforgiving HEAT that is Japanese summer hits...these flowers will be resting in peace. :( I'll keep you posted. 

Meanwhile the serrano chilis. That are supposedly hotter than jalapenos. Are thriving and getting bigger each and everyday. : ) Yay! : )

These replacement flowers are thriving and growing. They're in the backyard catching as much sun as they can... but since the weathers been considerably colder than in years past. They're not growing as fast...however they are growing and healthy plants!!! 

Flowers on the chili plants. Which is a good sign. And this lets us chili's will be growing very soon. : )

Noboru liked his last black drone, but he was unsatisfied with the quality of the camera. He felt the camera for making movies...he said they looked rather shaky and he didn't like that at all. So he sent it back to Amazon and got a refund. Meanwhile he now has this drone and he loves this one. 

Noah had a kodomo-kai (kids club) event Saturday at 9:30am. Good thing we could have a gorgeous sit down breakfast beforehand. And Noboru dropped off Noah at the plaza at 9:30am and swung around and picked him back up at 11:20am. It ended at 11:30am. But after going to these for years... we know how the parking lot gets hella full at 11:30am. Noah had a blast, he enjoyed popcorn, soda and all these treats and played games with his classmates. This is only open to first to 6th graders. So this will be his last time going to this one. Which is fine for us. We always have plenty to enjoy at it saves us a drive. But..I was happy Noah could enjoy this summer event. : ) Noah does have  a few more kids club events this year to attend though. : ) 

Koh Gen Do. It's a high end Japanese brand. Quality makeup. That's super popular in the United States right now and being sold at Sephora. It's also popular and well known here in Japan for people who prefer high end quality cosmetics that are good for your skin. It's also cheaper for us in Japan than you can get it in the states. I first bought a foundation by Koh Gen Do last....was it last October or November? I think last November. Anyway...I really enjoy it. And I saw a bunch of their products at The Loft when we were in the city for Bran's parent teacher conference thing. A week or so ago. I also saw/noticed a brand new product that they just came out with...Koh Gen Do has made a cushion. But there's really no maybe we should just call it a liquid foundation in a compact... because there's no cushion with foundation inside at all. Anyway...while I was killing time in Loft...I noticed the brand new compact foundation that just was released in Japan June 1st, 2017. And is not even available for those of you in the states yet. Anyways...I wasn't impressed because the amount of foundation you get is so little. Not worth it. So, no I am not interested in their new foundation pact. However...their powder foundation caught my eye and the fact they had the color 213 which is my color in their range. Which matches me perfectly and I am a MAC NC25. Fwiw. I didn't buy it that day at Loft. But, I did go home and a few days later, I ordered from Koh Gen Do online. It arrived on Saturday morning. The same day Noah had his kodomokai event and the same day we had another barbecue. 

They also gave me a $10 dollars off/ 1,000 yen off coupon and I seriously might use it. But...I'm also biding my time until I hit Sephora in person and Target in person so ...maybe I won't use this coupon after all...yeah maybe not. : ) 

Nicely packed. However I was sad they sent no free samples. In a day in age where... everyone and their free samples. It was definitely noted by me. So, I am mentioning it here too. Give samples Koh Gen Do!!! 

I use foundation and always pat my face with powder after wards. I use Mac Mineralize Skinfinish (this powder doesn't make you look too powdery) and I love this. But...the thing that caught my eye is this also is supposed to make your skin look silky and moist and not all dry and powdery. This reminded me exactly of the Mac one I am using. Except this is technically a foundation but a super light coverage one. And I'll use it as a powder anyways. But given the fact that it's sold in color 213...I lovelovelove 213 perfect for me. And so...since they also had this in 213 too...I wanted to try it. And I do like it. And the color is so perfect. Now I can bounce between this and my Mac powder. : )

I like that it's black and sleek and has the KGD initials there. I love good quality makeup, especially if it's going on my face, I don't want to get any breakouts or anything. 

It has a really big mirror. So anyways long story short...bought a new powder. 

This is a pic that I took especially for you guys. This is not available for you in the states yet..but you can at least say you have seen it now. Before anyone else has got to see it. : ) This is what their liquid compact looks like. It's the same formula exactly that's super famous in the US right now. It's their Aqua Foundation. But in compact form. And according to what I's limited edition. So in the US won't get this at all? Hmm. If it's limited edition so maybe not. Hopefully they keep in this their permanent line. But they do have shade 213 and all the other shades too. I use the popular... liquid Aqua Foundation (in the bottle) almost every single day... that I do wear makeup (only wear makeup 3 times a week). However that's 30ml. Where this aqua foundation pact in the compact is only like 7 or 9ml. Or something super teeny tiny like that. So...imo. The compact liquid not worth it at all. But oh well...just thought I'd share the pic. It's in a cute red compact though.

Saturdays BBQ. June 17th, This day... we again kept things super simple. If you try to make things super duper fancy. Then...BBQs become a stressful thing or a once in a while thing... where they should be the opposite and low key. But...we BBQ every single week. We don't aim for fancy at all. If we just throw burgers and hot dogs on the grill then that's enough and fine. If we just want yakiniku awesome. But we keep it super *super* simple. Super scaled back. That way no pressure. 

The kids had very nicely marinated beef/very lean rosu. I had chicken breast and veggies. And Noboru picked 2 giant pork steaks in a garlic sauce/marinade. They were already marinated at the store on Friday when we bought our meat for the BBQ. And he really loves that type of meat. Basically...whatever everyone loves...we made for them. I prefer chicken and veggies...the kids prefer beef and Noboru has a strong preference for pork. Every time Noboru eats beef, he tells us how much he prefers pork. Hahaha. LOL. @_@'s okay...just whatever everyone prefers is what we made. The kids meat.. took Noboru a grand total of 5 minutes to grill. Mine took about 7 minutes to grill. And Noboru's took about 5 minutes. We ate quickly! We had flat lettuce for wrapping our meats. We had Garigari for dessert. Again just super simple. I was busy in the morning marinating the kids beef after breakfast. And slicing my chicken after breakfast too. Plus cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast. Which is why Noboru dropped off Noah at the kodomokai and I didn't. I was pretty busy trying to do some house stuff here. Plus I was waiting for my Koh Gen Do shipment from Kuroneko that morning too. : ) 

My chicken and veggies. Again our meal is super quick and easy. Super relaxed and chill. If you're the type who wants the perfect meal. Strives for perfection. That's so *not* us....we just want a chill weekend BBQ. Just us. Just chillin' at home. Not perfect...if you ask me...there's no such thing as perfect and I wouldn't ever want to be. We just wanna be chill. And enjoy the weekend. : ) Just walking barefoot back and forth from the backyard to the inside of the kitchen. *happy sigh* : )

Noboru's meal of choice. He was quite happy about it.  And we just sat and talked and laughed, all 4 of us. And enjoyed the inaka/Japanese countryside views out our backyard. The trickling sounds from the rice fields that filter water from field to field. Croaking frogs. A few birds that had not went to sleep yet! That you could hear off and on. And yeah...a very good Saturday. 

And a 58 yen treat for each of us. About 50 cents American each. A yummy popsicle. And time to close our blinds and then taking turns for a shower for us all. And then time to turn on the TV and just enjoy Saturday night. : )  How was our weekend, last weekend? Very quiet...very low key. Very *us* as usual. Very chill. We love quiet weekends at home. Maybe that's because our weekdays are all so busy, for all of us. That we really need our weekends to just be spent together...recharging our batteries so to speak...and just enjoy our time together. I love these nerds!!! And I know thye love me too! Hahaha. Anyway that was our weekend in a nutshell. Oh and fwiw. How was Sunday? Super chill and nice too. Noboru enjoyed Father's Day here at home being spoiled by us all.  : )

Anyway...anything new to add? Not really. It's Wednesday here. Hump Day. We are coasting down towards the weekend after today. Woohoo. : ) Swimming for Noah was postponed from Monday (because of rain) to Noah swam yesterday... since it was such a nice and beautiful sunny day.  Today is raining crazy hard right now... it's really picked up steam since I started this post. Curry spaghetti tonight for supper with a side salad, I already told you all that. I have Downward Dog tonight, a TV show I really like and American Housewife tonight too. : ) Anyway...I wanna take an Advil right now and rest a bit. Have a good Wednesday everyone. : )  

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Last Friday. Our parent teacher conference at Bran's high school. The Loft. Found Noah a pair of swim trunks for elementary school. Domino's Pizza and a whole bunch more...

Last Friday, June 9th we had a parent teacher conference at Branden's school. The appointment was set for 9:30am. We were there around 9:15am, but by the time we found parking and walked into the school we were just a few minutes early. But still early. : ) The meeting went pretty well. He said Branden's grades are excellent. And that he has lots of friends and that the teacher sees absolutely no problems with Branden... whether it be education-wise or social and friend-wise. So the meeting was pretty short and sweet. He did ask us about Branden's college/university plans and we said 100% without a doubt, Branden will be going to college in the United States. Destination unknown for now... but the USA is most definitely where Bran will attend college. And so this way the high school knows. We were out by 9:50am but we did swing by Branden's class and peeked through the huge open window from the hall to the class. So we can hear what's going on in class. And the class is all white and bright and very nice and modern. A few of his classmates did see Noboru and I, but we really wanted to peek at the class...more so on the down low. And not let the entire class know we were there. So we peeked stood a few minutes listened and we left. The tricky part was... Branden got out of school at 11:30am Friday (all last week actually) and it was barely 9:55am by now. And so we had time to the city. Hmm...what to do...what to do. So...Noboru and I went to The Loft. The Loft is always amazing, they're all over Japan and Chiba everywhere!!! Certainly not where we live though hahaha. So getting a chance to browse and kill some time in one... was awesome!!! So we did that. And then when it was nearing the time for Bran to get out of school....we made our way back to Branden's high school. I Line messaged him, where we were parked. And as soon as he zipped out of school, we went for lunch! Which is this picture. : ) We went to Mc Donald's. Because we were going to be ordering pizza later for dinner... so eating out for dinner plus we wanted lunch to be relatively cheap. So Mc Donald's fit the bill nicely. We rode the highway (toll roads both ways) because considering how far we live and the fact we have an elementary aged kiddo in our town...with a set time that he would be out of school. We really didn't want to be late. So we jumped on the highway after lunch and zipped-zapped-zoomed to our town as fast soon as possible. We got home in plenty of time. And as soon as Noah was out of school, he came home, dropped off all his school stuff. And we went to Narita City.  
I found this pencil case at The Loft and knew how much Noah would get a kick out of it. Bran being a teenager...I was iffy on... if he'd like it or not. So, I didn't buy him one. Which is a good thing because he said it's cute, but he prefers what he has. 

Those "teeth" crack me up! 
Also, my kids have both been wanting a fidget spinner. They were originally created for kids with ADHD. But regular kids love them. And watching YouTube. College age Americans, high school aged Americans, elementary school aged Americans. They're just everywhere now days. Even when we were in Guam at Pizza Hut... some kid had one and Noah was like..."awww man look she has a fidget spinner." : ) So, I knew my kids liked them, but wasn't sure if they actually *wanted* one. At dinner...Monday the Monday before the kids finally asked to get one (they never directly asked for one beforehand). And I said. Okay. Find the one you like on must have high reviews...4-5 stars. And be reasonably priced. They each found similar ones and they weren't even aware... what the other one ordered, lol. They arrived on Friday. And so they opened these up and spun these while shopping in Narita City. Last Friday. These ones are metal and the metal ones are nicer than the plastic ones. They're both super happy that they finally have them now. : )
The #1 thing we were looking for was Noah's school swim trunks and rash guard. Noah's school swim trunks that he has been using/wearing were Branden's elementary school ones. We had 3 pair that Noah was lucky to be able to use for 5 years, he's skinny... which is why he could get away with wearing 3 pair for 5 years. Because some years he didn't gain weight, but he grew in height. So anyway... So glad that Noah could get usage out of 3 pair of Adidas swim trunks that used be his brothers. However, I can't find the other pair/larger size of Bran's swim trunks...the pair he used in the 6th grade. So...first time for us having to purchase Noah a pair of school swim trunks. Which is fine. It's time. : ) So...I wanted a navy Adidas pair. We went to Aeon first. They had slim pickings! They had 1 pair of black Adidas school swim trunks. A bunch of brand X/store brand ones. And so they were fine... but we walked to Sports Authority first... to see what they had. They had a whole bunch of "swimming competition" race swim trunks. But not plain basic blue shogakko ones. So we left and walked back to Aeon. This is at the opposite end of the shopping mall. 

I am so glad that all 4 of us were there, meaning lots of comments and opinions from the peanut gallery and it helps. And after hearing everyone's idea...I agreed and so I just said....You guys are right.. next year at JHS...Noah can wear competition swim wear next year... when he is JHS...I know that mostly everyone wears competition type swimwear for JHS, it's just sportier and it's what most of the kids wore when Bran was in JHS. Nobody wears the pure plain navy that they wear in elementary school... maybe one or two did, but the majority wore the cooler different styles. And I am lucky in that... I have the experience... since I sent Bran to JHS here already. So, I know for a fact how our particular JHS works. So, I know...Noah will not need to use this plain navy elementary school swim wear... after this year. really doesn't matter if it's Adidas or brand X. So...I said...they don't have what we're looking for. And I really don't want to drive all over town. If Noah were getting usage out of this for 2 years...okay...I could see the need to find a name brand pair. And btw...the prices are pretty much the same whether it be brand X or name brand. It's Japan and that's the way it is. I was just at Sports Authority 5 minutes beforehand and saw name brand trunks for 2000 yen ($19 US) since Noah only needs it for this year. And given elementary swim trunks are so freaking ugly anyways. Yes...brand X it is. We will buy the Aeon brand. We all agreed (Noah too) we had Noah try 2 different sizes on, in the dressing room and we 3 all looked and decided on size...and Noboru bought it. We all know Japanese swim trunks at elementary school are not the cutest and hey it's okay..I get it. But it fit, was comfy. It was the right color. So we bought it. This is the pic of Noah's rash guard. Rash guards are not really preferred at our elementary school. Bran never wore one at elementary school. However Noah is cursed with pale skin that burns. Noah doesn't tan...he gets painful lobster burn. And skin cancer is no joke. Especially with a kid that burns just going outside to check the mail box! Yes...I know...I have a Jacob and an Edward...LMAO! So the school is aware and Noah is allowed. 

Says for the 1st grade to the 6th grade. Goggles. Goggles get scratched easily. So something that needs replacing once a season. 

They always show you the price without taxes *and* with taxes. This is the price of the goggles. 

Rash guard and swim trunks. @_@ Swimming stuff at the elementary school isn't cheap.'s the outfit that's allowed/required. I'm frankly just glad we found everything!!! The swim bag we have...the swim towel we have too. We have tons of swim towels actually... since my kids swam privately for years. The first swim letter came a few weeks ago. It says to sign your consent if you will let your child swim. And we said of course. So we signed. The note said they start swimming June 19th. And now...we just wait for them to tell us what color swim cap for which grade. One year Noah was a yellow swim cap and other years Noah was a green swim cap. In Branden's elementary years... they could wear *any* color cap. But Noah's have to swim with a specific color cap... depending on which grade you are in. I hope it's yellow or green since we have caps for those already. But...I can always run somewhere and get a cap if need be. We'll see. 

I think Noah's swim outfit is actually pretty cute. And after July 21st or so... he won't be wearing it anymore anyways. : )  After the swimming outfit ordeal was done. LOL. We left the mall and went across the street to the free-standing Uniqlo. There is no Uniqlo inside Narita mall. 

Branden found 2 pair of shorts. 

Large is what Branden wore last year. And the size fit yes... but in... a strangling type of way. Meanwhile the XL has gobs of room. So Branden is really needing between a large and XL size. However that size doesn't exist. He could barely breath in the size large, so forget that size. @_@ If he wore the size large shorts on a 9 hour flight Branden would die...he'd have the biggest stomach ache ever. Yes...XL is big..but it's not falling to the ground and they're comfy and he can be on a long flight and be comfortable. And they look normal. Not huge. So XL in Japanese clothes this year for Bran and size large in American clothes like Gap and Old Navy.

Bran got 1 navy pair of shorts with a navy pattern on them. We checked out the navy plain shorts but they were so intensely navy...that we kept wondering if they were black? Versus navy, but it said navy on the tag. They were just too dark. But these were more a traditional navy color, so we picked these. And a jean pair of shorts. Seems in Japan lots of boys will be wearing jean shorts this summer. By looking at the mannequins at Uniqlo, lol. 
A nice pattern. and we also...wanted an olive green color, but they were sold out. : (  By now we were happy...happy it was TGIF day. Happy we had a good meeting at the school. Happy we found Noah's swimming trunks/outfit. And case it gets super least Bran has some shorts now, that fit. So...we accomplished a whole bunch for 1 day. Right on! Now it was time for supper. 
Literally 1 minute down the street from Uniqlo is Domino's. 4 large pizzas later. They were having great super cheap 2 for 1 deals. We grabbed our pizzas and drove back to town. Long day. Glad it was over. Glad we could sleep in the next day. We went home. We ate. Man we were stuffed! And then we all took turns showering. And watched TV. I think...last Friday.... I shut my computer down at 4pm and didn't turn it back on...until Saturday. 

Saturday morning, I made bacon and strawberry pancakes. I'm going to be making them again this weekend too. That's how good they were! : ) We had leftover pizza for lunch last Saturday.  Saturday night for supper, we had a great big pot of chili. You Wendy's chili. I also skillet fried some lean ground beef too. So if you wanted to add ground beef you could. They all did. But me. : ) And we had a bunch of toppings. And just chilled at home for the rest of the weekend.

Today's Thursday. And I usually do a TBT. But sometimes...I don't. And I like the flexibility that I can do that... when I want or when time allows. And for today...I really just wanted to say...hi. And tell you about last Friday and a little bit about my weekend. : ) 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Last Thursdays BBQ...

Last Thursday we had a backyard BBQ. Super simple. Just 7 char-grilled burgers, 4 all beef Oscar Meyer hot dogs and 1 grilled teriyaki chicken breast I sliced thinly in 3 pieces. I mainly just wanted a thin slice of chicken for a sandwich. And the other pieces were for whoever wanted to have a little taste. : ) 
It was drizzling earlier in the day but luckily for us by the time the kids got home from school there wasn't any rain at all. Gray skies of course, but the weather was nice and cool and comfortable. 

Dinner took absolutely no time at all. And we were all at the dinner table just eating and relaxing and talking. 

I also skillet fry the buns for flavor with a little butter. I also made some fried potato wedges too. 

Japanese hot dog buns seem longer than American Oscar Meyer hot dogs. Which is fine. I enjoyed myself a teriyaki chicken sandwich with provolone cheese and lettuce and a grilled hot dog and a small handful of fries. Nothing fancy shmancy about our dinner.... but superly delicious though. And an easy clean up too. : ) Anyway that's what we had last Thursday. We're BBQ-ing this weekend too. Yakiniku type this week. : )  I hope everyone's having a good week. We've been enjoying our week here. And most definitely looking forward to the weekend. It's already Wednesday. So it's hump day and all down hill after today, so the weekend is getting closer. 

Tonight, I am making chicken parmesan sandwiches. I went to the bakery first thing this morning and bought 5 crusty baguettes but super soft inside. I have 16 chicken tenderloins that I will be breading and frying up as soon as I post this. And then as soon as the kids get home, I will whack the 16 breaded chicken tenderloins in the oven on top of sauce and smothered with mozarella cheese and then place inside a baguette. You know what a generous size those baguettes are. We will be having fries (potato wedges) to go with the sandwiches. Also tomorrow is Chiba Day or something? Because Noah has no school tomorrow. However Branden does have school tomorrow, go figure! Which is why I bought 5 baguettes instead of 4. Because Branden will be taking a homemade chicken parmesan sandwich to school tomorrow with a pack of chips and some fruit. Noah and I....will have chicken parmesan sandwiches tomorrow too. But, I can zip to the bakery at 9:30am tomorrow morning. Branden needs to have his lunch and catch the train by 7am so he needs his baguette here now, which is why I just bought 5. Anyway...I have 16 chicken strips to dip in Italian bread crumbs right now, Noboru is home today, so he'll be eating chicken parmesan sandwich with us. So talk to you all later. Have a good night. : ) 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Carrot cake...

Today's Monday. We still have about another month of school left for us in Japan, actually more like 5 weeks left. So today was a school day. While the kids were at school. Around 7:45am, I baked my family a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and some chopped up walnuts sprinkled on top. Noah got off school today at 3pm and as soon as he walked inside the house, he had a slice of carrot cake. He loves it, so he was happy! Branden is on the train heading back home right now and I know he will have a slice as soon as he gets home too. He'll be home soon.

How was every one's weekend? Ours was awesome! Luckily we did find Noah his swimming trunks, that are required at his school in Japan. And a new pair of goggles. He starts swimming on June 19th or so. So he's ready and raring to go regarding that. Phew. Takes a load off knowing we have it now. : ) Also we did find Branden 2 pair of shorts at Uniqlo on Friday too. We wanted to buy Bran 3 pair. But they did not have his size in one of the colors, that he wanted. @_@ Doesn't that just figure! I mean really...LOL. No worries, you know me...and you know how I'm a little cruiser, when I am in Inzai later this week, I will make it a point of going to the Uniqlo there and looking for the pair he was looking for and hopefully they'll have the missing size that Narita was sold out of. So we'll see. : ) We did buy a ton of pizza on Friday after our shopping was done... 4 large pizzas from Domino's. But to be know... that those really are American size mediums. Plus we were lucky to have a ton of pizza for Saturdays lunch. So a definite plus! : ) Also Bran's parent teacher conference thing went super well. And so last Friday went really well. : ) I do have a few posts I want to get up. But will put those up tomorrow. Probably. : )

Have a good night everyone. Ohhhhh I almost forgot...the weather has been amazing!!! Not too hot at all. It's been peaking at 78-79 degrees F. And the nights are nice cool and breezy. Like low to mid 60's. Last year at this was melting hot. But this year has been so wise. I love it. My neighbors and friends near me have also been enjoying this amazing comfortable weather. You watch...just now that I said that...I probably jinxed it for us all in Japan now! Hahaha. *wink wink* The chili have flowers on them so....hopefully we will be seeing some baby chili sprouting soon.

Anything else? We are spending all of our attention right now on our once a year big summer vacation. We have been hotel and condo review reading and deciding has been going on for the past 3 days solid. No hotel decision has been made 100% yet. But we do have 1 place booked just in case. But are still reading Trip Advisor on the daily though. : )

We're having ginger pork for supper tonight, a side of rice, a really nice salad, fresh corn on the cob with butter, salt and black pepper. Pork has been marinating in the fridge all day long. It smells amazing and I squeezed a whole tube of that ginger puree in the tube in there for an added ginger kick. I will be going to pick up Bran any second. And as soon as he runs upstairs and showers I can start frying up the pork and boiling the corn. Have a good night. : )

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Country Ma'am Choco Mint Cookies...

Every week when I do my great big weekly grocery shopping haul. Besides buying regular food, you know...stuff like beef, chicken, shrimp, pork, lunch meat, cheese, pasta, bread, tons of fresh veggies from the farmer's market. Sauces, flour, milk, yogurt. Etc to infinity... you know what I mean, regular food. I also buy snack stuff too, because we're not living lives... of torture here and as long as you keep things in balance, so's okay. So keeping snacks in the house is essential for our family. I usually keep salty snacks on hand (like chips, nuts or pretzels, popcorn, ykwim) and also something sweet too. We have been enjoying these onion jalapeno Pringles. What do they taste like?...I'd say...they taste exactly like sour cream and onion chips plus jalapeno flavor too. You definitely taste the jalapeno flavor. And I was worried the chili flavor wouldn't be so strong... because this is Japan afterall. But the flavor is totally super good, you definitely can taste the jalapeno flavor. These are so good and again just a less strong flavor of sour cream and onion Pringles with a good flavor of jalapeno too. Also...these are not so hot that you couldn't eat them or enjoy them. But definitely delicious and flavorful and can definitely taste the jalapeno flavor, yum. Also as soon as these Choco Mint Country Ma'am came out this season, I was all over these! And have been buying these for the kids since they first came out! And then the Choco Chip regular cookies are just 78 yen a box. And the Country Ma'am Choco Mint cookies are just 120 yen and the Pringles are 120 yen or 130 yen for the pack. I buy these at the cheap snack and drink store in the smallest city nearest my town. Country Ma'am are also selling 2 more new flavor cookies too. One is cheesecake and the other is caramel something or other. I'll take pics of them next week, when I go back to restock our choco mint cookies. And the Country Ma'am cookies are so nice and soft. Because the choco mint ones are a special flavor they come in a pack of 10, where as the regular pack contains 12? Something like that... but these choco mint ones are less cookies than the regular pack though, just something to keep in mind. : ) 

These are really good chips. This week, I bought a pack for Bran, Noah and Noboru and myself. I bought the kids a pack each the week beforehand. And Noboru and I each tried a chip of theirs and these were truly stellar! So good. That this week, even Noboru requested...when I asked him...what sort of snacks do you want me to pick up for you? He said...The jalapeno Pringles. Hahaha. I said I want that too. : ) 

 There is also a choco mint frappe being sold at Family Mart. My one friend straight up *loves* these!!! I haven't tried the choco mint frap yet. Also, I have seen the choco mint Kit Kats being sold again this year too. So anyways...if you are in Japan...and you love choco mint, just be on the look out. So many delicious things available for us, choco mint lovers in Japan right now! : )