Sunday, April 08, 2018

We're leaving tomorrow...

Noah had been receiving little messages his final week of school, from his classmates. Noah was so liked and loved from his classmates. The one in pink ends with..."my best friend" That was absolutely from his very best friend. And after graduation day... the gang of freshly graduated 6th grade boys would ring our doorbell every morning to play with Noah. They came to play every single morning, until the day of Noah's classmates entrance ceremony for Chugakko/JHS. Noah had a lot of good friends. For that, he was so very lucky. 
This letter really "got me"..."Noah, thank you for 6 years, it was a short time being with you, but it was fun. It's sad that we cannot go to the same chugakko, but I will be cheering you on from Japan. Good luck in America"
The day of the actual graduation. 3 received flowers. The teacher received flowers. And Noah received flowers. And the other boy who is not moving, but instead he will attend a different JHS in Japan. Only 2 kids from our local elementary school are not attending the local chugakko, Noah because he is moving to the United States. And another little boy, because he will go to a chugakko in Ibaraki. The rest will all stay together... at the local one and only chugakko in our tiny town. Graduation day....Everyone wore their JHS uniforms. Except for Noah, he wore a gray suit. A slim cut one and he looked so...super fly. Everyone commented on the day of the graduation, how absolutely cool Noah looked. His hair was all nicely done. Noah, truly dazzled on graduation day and because everyone else wore dark navy (local JHS) or black (Ibaraki JHS) and Noah wore medium gray, it was hard not to keep all eyes on Noah, the day of graduation. Even other parents mentioned that too.
Because Noah is moving to America, everyone in Noah's class made this special project for him. It's a hard material. with everyone writing...a favorite memory or...wishing him luck in America. Pictures of the class together. This was so cool. Noah can look back on this keepsake, years from now and remember how truly amazing his classmates in Japan were. 
Because the day Noah graduated it was raining. All grades stood in the hallway, as the 6th graders walked passed and gave them all "five" as they passed. So many of the younger grade kids were crying. So much picture taking. This was after the graduation ceremony. Then us parents and kids went back to the gymnasium to take pics. And as we were about to take a group photo...the ichinensei sensei/the first grade teacher came running into the gym with a little boy ichinensei...shouting..."Noah-kun....Noah-kun" And the photographer stopped... we all stopped smiling and posing. And she apologized. And in front of the entire graduating class....the little boy held these highlighters in his hand and he and his mom made this gift bag espeically for Noah. The first grader started crying, because well... he's only 6 years old, but he said as he cried..."Noah-kun you were the nicest to me, during my first year at shogakko"."I will never forget you"..everyone the entire graduating class and parents all stood and listened. I started to get watery eyes. Noah went over and thanked and hugged the boy. And the first grade sensei walked him out of the gym. Seriously, you guys?!!! How have such an affect on someone. You are a good egg Noah. But...we always knew that. : ) 
Branden. His classmates made him this photo album. Each and every page is freakin' amazing. The teacher gave Branden a picture in a frame of the 3 ichinensei boy/male high schoolers. 10th grade high schoolers. Branden received so many letters too and 2 mechanical pencils from classmates and treats too. 

Each little envelop has another message for Branden from his classmates and friends. Again the amount of time spent to make this. It just made me realize how loved and liked my kids were in Japan. 
As for me, my doorbell hasn't stopped ringing either. Gifts from my friends. People who I was in the kodomokai with, PTA with. And just friends/parents who we... clicked well with. Yes, we did have a good life in Japan. We were extremely... well thought of. Well liked. And we will most definitely be missed. And we will miss you all too. So much. 

We went and got me a 5 year re-entry permit. This is so... that I won't lose my permanent residency. Because I am a permanent resident of Japan. As long as Noboru is in Japan, I will keep my residency here (paperwork-wise). This 5 year re-entry means I don't have to come back to Japan within 12 months. Because if I didn't have a re-entry, then I would risk losing my permanent residency, if I couldn't make it back to Japan by next April.  Though, I am planning to come back to Japan this coming July. But again, you never know. 
I have nicely stored all my kids special clothes in our attic.The other good stuff, I gave to friends with younger kids, as my kids outgrew them. Our attic is now empty now. We painstakingly went through everything. I told the kids, they could keep only 1 box worth each. And to keep only their most special items. They also saved all their artwork, school work and stuff in 1 art folder. 

Why has my blog been so quiet? One day we threw out 20 bags of trash. It pains me to call it trash, but you know what I mean. And another day... we tossed about 15 bags. Noah's room is bare, with just a bed and a nightstand with a lamp. Bran's is the same. 
No more magnets. It doesn't look like a family or little kids live here anymore. : (  And after tomorrow, that will be true.

Anyway...the house is now decluttered and done. Noah has 1 huge plastic shell suitcase and so does Branden. They hold their clothes, their swimming trophies. Noah's stack of running medals. Their report cards, which are needed to enroll in school in the states as well as their immunization records. Their most important things that were special they're bringing. They've all said their good-byes. We plan to come back to Japan in July, like I said and bring/lug back more stuff to the US. Either that or Noboru will come to us in July. Either way, the stuff we need to bring is in a plastic clear container marked...KEEP. And Noboru will either pack it into a suitcase or we'll fly back and bring it ourselves. And as soon as Noboru gets his green card, he will move to the US too. Could be as soon as 6 months and as long as 18 months.

Ohhhh....I also wanted to mention. Branden's JHS classmates messaged Branden. They said we heard you're moving, they all keep in touch. They all got together for a "good bye" dinner for Branden at a nabe place in the little city nearest our town. That was last week. They also made Branden a photo album too. It was amazing. These friendships and ties... that my kids have with their friends, will be everlasting. Meaning they will see each other. For surely when Branden hits age 20, he'll come back to our town on "Coming of Age Day" And I'm sure when Genki gets married, Branden will be there, cheering and clapping. And when Branden gets married to his future wife...I am sure Genki will be there too, cheering and clapping too. So these friendships will be a lasting one, I know. I said, we fly out tomorrow. We have to find us a place to live. Find me a car. I have to get an American drivers license ASAP. Get car insurance. Get the phone, cable, and internet turned on. Take both Branden and Noah to their future school's and pre-register them and get them their assessment tests done. That way come the Fall semester, they'll be ready. Noboru has 3 weeks off work, to help us get settled. Tonight I will pack up my computer. My external hard drive.... the thing that holds all my family's pictures will be in my carry-on. So, if you don't hear from me in like 1 week or 2 weeks. All is fine. We're just creating our new home and place over there.

On a personal note. These past 2 weeks, have been insanely busy. Stress level on a scale of 1-10. They've been about a 12, almost every single day. But right that all the busy... is frankly done. Now that....we're all packed. We've said all our good-byes. My stress level is a 1. My happiness level is a 12. I'm ready. I feel so content right now. I'm *so* at peace right now. I can't even fathom how lucky I am... to be getting this chance to move back to my home country. No more having to stock up my suitcase. To lug stuff back to Japan. Target and Safeway everyday now... if I want to. And yes...sometimes *it is* those little things that count the most of all and finally after 15 years. Everything will finally, be at my finger tips anytime I want now, wow. And it's so freaking surreal. And I'm just being 100% real and honest here. And yeah...I'm so happy. And I'm so ready. So good-bye for now. I will catch up with you all. Not sure when. But you know me...I will catch up... as soon as the time allows. So just be patient and understanding. Thanks for continuing to take this journey with me.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Noah's, "good-bye to the 6th graders" a farewell celebration type party, that the entire school had for them...

I'm so delayed posting on here. I'm so sorry to Noah most of all, because I put Branden's final 6th grade events up in a timely manner. And as for's just...we're moving. So his posts are delayed by weeks. I'm so sorry Noah. And things in our house are hella busy. Yesterday, I went and renewed my drivers license. We've been busy talking with real estate people, in the state we're moving. We have our eyes set on a few cars that...we will probably buy 1 of those cars for me, to do all my driving in, in the states. Which means emailing absolute strangers about their cars. "Any problems with said car? Is it a clean title? Have you ever had any accidents in said car? Or do you know of any mechanical problems with said car?" Of course we will go and see a few in person and test drive them, look them over ourselves plus take them to a mechanic to look them over, whichever one we decide. In short. I have been calling the US on the phone a lot to talk to our real estate lady. Hoping we get the place, that we love and would like to rent. Not phoning anyone, about cars but emailing lots of emailing. Plus the purging of things in our house. Holy smokes...things are busy. Plus regular life too, you know what I mean? I'm still cooking dinner nightly. I went to do the weekly grocery shopping yesterday too. I feel like I've been on a hamster wheel... for the past 5 weeks straight...seriously. I'm not sleeping well. And in the day time, I'm busy *all* the time. Stressed out to the max...would be the freakin' understatement of the world!!! So just wanted to give that little real life update, before I start this post about Noah's "farewell celebration". Monday, March 5th, our school held a great big farewell celebration to all graduating 6th graders. In Japan it's called a "Rokunensei o Okurakai" And only 6th grade parents were invited to come and watch. All other grades from our local elementary, put on performances for the 6th graders. Sang songs for the 6th graders. Teachers sang songs. There was an emotional slideshow. Basically our school wants to show their love and support to the graduating 6th graders. Letting them know...just how very important each and every one of them were to the school. That they will be missed immensely. And good luck in JHS. It started at 9:30am. We were seated and I snapped this picture at obviously...9:33am...
All the boys from 1 class. Cheering and talking about how much they will miss the 6th graders.

The 2nd graders came out. And sang a song for Noah and his classmates. It was really sweet of them.

For the most part, the 6th graders just sat as audience members and enjoyed. Enjoyed the songs, the singing, the little comedy type skits. Us 6th grade parents, enjoyed it too.

This one grade had a few kids who love to dance and so the handful of kids from that particular grade decided to do a dance. They were really good. And I loved that they incorporated the school gym uniform too! Definitely showed some school spirit!!! Which I loved!
Another grade. So many classes said..."we will miss you!!!" To the soon to be graduating 6th graders.

I watched from the parents seats. And I saw Noah in his yellow sweatshirt sitting and enjoying the performances. I saw some of his classmates wiping tears.

These first graders came out. Remember...Noah and his classmates escorted them last April, on their entrance ceremony last year... when these kids were pika pika ichinensei last April. And Noah and his classmates would go down to the first graders class and help them prepare every morning. For a solid month, the 6th graders would go and shadow them and help and support them. They even went and sat with them for lunch. Two 6th graders each day, last year would go down and have lunch with the new first graders. Noah went down and ate lunch with them last May 2017. So...all the first graders were out. And these 3 speakers said..."thank you for helping us every morning!!!!" "And thank you for having lunch with us"...."thank you for helping us this year"....Many sitting 6th graders were crying at this point. I wiped away 2 tears. I held tough and didn't want to cry. But the sentiment was so sweet. 

The 6th graders stood. And all the first graders deeply bowed. It was deeply respectful and sublimely kind. Best first graders ever!!! So kind!

Then the teachers all spoke. And they also legit... sang for the 6th graders. Again...we live in rural Japan. With a town of under 5000 people. I am not sure... how schools handle graduation in the heart of Tokyo. But I do know how we handle graduation in rural Japan. It's with great's takes a village type love, ykwim. And tons of celebrations and good cheer. You will most definitely are loved...graduating in rural Japan!!!

A picture of our school frozen on the screen. And teachers spoke...and then they sang. And parents were crying. They 6th grade kids were meanwhile... I'd say 40% of the 6th graders were crying too. Kids from other grades were crying too. 

The 6th graders sang 2 beautiful songs. About getting older and growing up. This would be the last time this specific particular group of kids would be all together again. Ever ever!! This was so bittersweet for me. Looking at all these sweet amazing kids...that I've known since they were age 6. Full circle moment... for sures!

Then they sang their final song and then we wrapped things up with the slideshow. I told myself. Do not get emotional. Do not cry!!! But yep...I cried...I cried like a baby. 
Yes that's Noah in his bright happy yellow winter coat from the Gap. It had snowed and all the new first graders went outside to play in the snow together. Picture on the left. And in the summer they all played on this jungle gym. Just my eyes seeing all of these kiddos at age 6 again...on the big screen. All us parents were like...awwww. Yep... our kids as ichinensei.

When they were 4th graders. And they had a performance. And the teacher sent a note home...everyone wear a white top/t-shirt. I noticed the pic on the right, I could pick Noah out of the front row right away. And all the other little sweetie pies...that I have watched grow right up...with my son!!! So...super nice to see a blast from the past pic.

Farming on the right. Because well obviously... these kids are indeed growing up in the countryside. And the pic on the left is of Lily-chan on the bars....and all the other kids about to twirl around on the bars too.

Their 6th grade... over night stay. 
First person I picked out of this picture was Lily-chan. She's such a beautiful girl, flat out gorgeous and I always notice her immediately. This pic is blurry, so it's safe. She was in the pink shirt on the front row but more so... in the middle of the first row. And I always notice Noah immediately too because he's so western looking... and as white as chalk, as we all know. So, I zero in on Noah in his yellow sweatshirt immediately too. And I really adored this principal on the right hand side of this pic. He was so nice. He is no longer principal there. But he was very chill. Next thought of mine they were all *so* small and little and innocent and adorable.

Ninensei. Second grade. I remember blogging about the pic on the left. Noah brought home a note. Said all 2nd graders were required over the weekend to "make their own" fishing pole. The rules were that... it could *not* be a "store bought" fishing pole. It had to be homemade. And preferably from items already at your home. But you could spend money on it, but not more than $1.50!!! #1...I thought the idea and concept as a whole was brilliant. Talk about waste not, want not. Noboru and Noah went to the nearby farming DIY. It smells strongly of farming chemicals in the store, but also sells laundry soap...and sells veggie plants and flowers. Noboru and Noah picked up a green gardening stake....a long green was like 78 yen or so. They used that as the fishing pole/rod. And that was all that was spent. Noboru lent Noah some fishing line...since Noboru fishes. And they sat on the front porch putting it together. Father and son. Noah was so proud. And that Monday...all ninensei went to school with their fishing poles. And after lunch, they all walked by the near-by creek. And the teacher and the kids spent the rest of the afternoon fishing. They brought their zarigani boxes/crawdad boxes, filled up some water in them. Not too much. They also sketched the surrounding tanbo (rice fields) and crawdads and the creek. They had a nature class and art class for the final 2 classes outside. The pic on the right is where their grade, was having a performance and asked all kids in class to show up wearing their yukata or jinbei. Noah wore his jinbei. : ) You know...watching this slideshow...I was reminded how fantastic and amazing...and what wonderful life experiences that my child got to experience... getting to grow up a country boy in the Japanese countryside. The sense of community. How much we value our children here. We do a lot!!! The sense of safety. Just watching this slideshow. Plus the music that accompanied said slideshow...and yes...I was crying my eyes out. 

My shy pale one on the right. Both of these boys, have older brothers, the same exact age and grade. So we have known them forever...and they have known our family...forever too. : )

These are pics of the slideshow. I chose to record this as a movie, versus take pics. 
And their final group photo as 6th graders. The 6th graders all filed out of the room and high fived all us parents. It was such a wonderful way for the school to say...good bye to the graduating 6th graders. This all happened on March 5th. The good bye celebration. I have to still get up Noah's actual graduation day. And I will. But it will be delayed. Because again...things are just really hectic here, right now. In a months time... everything will be over with. And we'll be in the states. But right now. I just have a hundred things to scratch off my list.  This is a positive move. It's a blessing and a good thing we want. It's moving is tough. It really is. : )

Friday, March 23, 2018

Decluttering and getting rid of more stuff...

Things here have been insanely busy. Obviously so.... considering we just had Noah's graduation from elementary school last Friday. Plus 3 of us are moving to the United States in about 3 weeks and it's a wonder I can even find some time to update here. So...for now...if my posts are few and far between you will know...and understand why. I am reserving 2 hours to writing on here... and trying to write at least 2 blog posts for today. Starting with this one. More decluttering. Getting rid of things that we can't bring back to the US with us. For starters, we found a Japan based website that lets you post pics and a description. It's local. Though I am assuming it is all over throughout Japan. But for us...we posted a bunch of pictures of things we'd like to give away for free for anyone living in our district. Think of "county" for you in the U.S. And if anyone lives in the same district/county and would like it for free, simply contact us and you may come to our house and take it for free. We listed these 2 toy boxes which I bought at Costco years ago. They were in perfect condition. I didn't want to make money off them. But I didn't want to trash them. So we listed then. And within 3 hours some family from our district contacted Noboru. And picked them up that very same day. It made me extremely happy knowing these toy boxes would get a whole other life with new kids. Versus just being thrown to the trash. It just did my heart good. And granted if I had endless countless infinity time...I would have liked to do this with every single item we own. But as you all know... time is of the essence too. And since time is an issue. Just the big things...we are giving away for free. If by us leaving...means items of ours, can make others happy and touch other peoples lives, in that small way. Awesome! I do believe in karma and so yep. This feels really really good to me... to give things away, to those who could use them. So very cool.  
These could not find homes. So they went to the trash. This clock was awesome, it had a digital clock and hands clock. And it spoke in beautiful American English and taught both my kids to tell time when they were itty bitty. I wish I could have found homes for these, but again...I don't have hundreds of years to just post it and wait. If time allows...great...if not. Oh well, I tried. 

These got rehomed...somewhere in our housing community... little brother of Noah's classmate. : )

We put Branden's desk on the free list...locally of course. And in less than 1 hour, a women emailed Noboru, asking if the desk was still available. And that she has a little girl who will be a pika pika ichinensei this April. A shiny and bright first grader. Noboru asked me. And when I heard this desk could be going to a 6 year old...and would get so many good years of usage and love! I immediately said yes! It's hers!!! So Noboru messaged her and said..."my wife said, that the desk is yours" And she said her husband would be picking it up the next day at 10am, they live in the small city nearest our town. So, what is this picture of??? We had to go through every single drawer of B's. We threw almost every single thing out. And we own so many Diary of a Wimpy Kids books. And Noah loves them so much. Bran read them tons when he was little. But...they're too heavy to bring with us...especially since they're so cheap to repurchase in Target. Once we're back. So the kids books will go to an American mama friend of mine, since she has kids a little younger than mine... who could use them. : )
On the day of the desk pick-up. Pick up was set for 10am. Noboru and Branden dismantled some of it, so that he could fit it in his vehicle. The father drove a great big van. El Grande, I think was the type/name... very nice vehicle. It was a man about 10 years younger than Noboru. Made sense... considering Noboru has a 16 year old and this man has a 6 year old. Not that it matters at all. But they were not financially poor. But instead financially wise. He said they had 2 older kids and they bought desks for the older 2. And for the 3rd kid, they were really wondering should they pluck down the money for a 3rd desk or not? They also heard of the free website that is for free for locals to just pick up. And he said they saw our desk and loved it. He said it was in brand new condition. And it was. Noboru told the man...that our family is just glad that it gets a new child to use it and love it. And so a win win for all of us. I love people who are penny-wise. He brought us omiyage/a gift of cookies. All wrapped up in a box. A nice box of German cookies to be exact. They were delicious and we were not expecting anything in return. 

Did you ever see Toy Story when Andy gives Buzz and Woody away to that little girl? I firmly believe toys should be played with. And desks should be used too, if you like them, my kids never really used their desks much, they preferred study on the kitchen table lol. So Branden did go outside and thanked the desk, before anyone came to pick it up....and said..."you will get a new life and a new owner." Much better than being tossed and thrown away. This makes my heart so happy. You desk, will no doubt be used for all 6 years of elementary school and 3 years of JHS too. You will get 9 full new years of love. Enjoy your new life.  

Thank you for being such a useful desk for my son. And have another *amazing* 9 years. I'm glad I snapped these pics of you, before the new papa came and picked you up. : ) We did get an email from them later that night, that his daughter simply loves her new desk. So thoughtful to message us.

Don't laugh or think it's corny. But...if by us leaving....can make 10-15 peoples lives a little 2 new toy boxes...or a stack of fun new books to read...or some Nerf guns for summer time play....or a new study desk. Then...that just makes me, so fulfilled and happy. Someday maybe someone will say..."I met them once and they were *really* cool nice amazing people" or if someone said..."they were our dear friends and wow...they were such for real and nice human beings and our best friends" ..Or simply..."what kind people." So least we could leave a little footprint of goodness, before we left. Giving something without *expecting* anything in return. Giving *without* a motive...other than... to just make someone else's life better, is always the right thing to do.

What's in Branden's room now? Just his bed and a night stand and a lamp. It's paired...way *way* down. We have since thrown 3 huge bags of trash from Noah's room too. Every notebook or text book of Noah's. The text books went to be recycled. And his written notebooks had to go to the burnable trash. Seat cover. Crayons. You name it, it's gone. Last week. And again...we are just streamlining.

As much as we have gotten rid of and given away. We have just as much stuff to still go through and make decisions on. Which is why...I have not used the computer so much lately. I have received so many emails from friends...well wishers...and I am sure they are kindly patiently waiting for replies. And I'm afraid...right now...I just can't reply to emails right now. I just don't have the time for it. Moving is so freakin' fudging incredibly stressful. I'm sure in May...I will be laughing and smiling and thinking...what on earth was I stressed out about in March. But right now...what to throw...what to keep...what to save. OM flipping goodness!!! I feel like I'm in the eye of a tornado right now. The middle of an ocean and I'm treading water. Right now, it's work, work work. Which means...prepare to move. This is the NOT so fun part. Granted in a month, I will be glad it's over. Glad I endured it. But as for now? Meh! It's hard. It's stressful and horrible.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Throwback Thursday. Reflecting on Noah's elementary school days, 1 day before his graduation...

I thought today, 1 day before Noah's elementary school graduation. I would do a TBT. It seems so fitting. Perfect time to do it really. In light of tomorrow's graduation, today is all about you Noah and your elementary school adventures. I remember before you started the first grade... you were 50% excited and happy to start elementary school and getting to go to school with your big brother... also you were 50% scared of meeting all new classmates except the 1 and only other kid that went to the same yochien with you. The rest of the first graders all went to the same local hoikuen together. And you were *so* nervous to meet them. And this picture, I snapped the day of your entrance ceremony. You were now 10% excited to go to school with your big brother, but you were now 90% petrified to be in a class of new faces. As everyone who reads this blog Noah are a very gentle soul. Extremely kind. And a little shy when first meeting someone but as soon as he knows you, then he's really chill. I reassured my kind sweet boy at age 6 when he was just a pika pika ichinensei. "Noah honey, you are okay" Mommy will be right in the gymnasium and I will wave, so you can see where I'm sitting, okay?" "Not to worry dear heart"..."I will be there." You mustered a few smiles and I quickly took these pics. And since Branden was already at school. Daddy, you and I hopped in the car. And we made sure that you made it to your classroom and got you all set up. And your stuff all put away.
While Branden has always been very chill and calm and zen about everything, you were always my worry-wart. And I love you both. Exactly as you are. Branden knew how "doki doki"/nervous you'd be. He asked all his friends to clap so super loud for you and cheer for you and boy did they ever. And when they did roll call. And called out your name. They all clapped and cheered so loudly and my heart was bursting with happiness and relief for you. And I could see your kind shy smile. I had absolute peace of mind knowing your big brother could watch out for you... for 2 years in elementary school and he did. He never let anyone be mean to you. He's just that kind of protective big brother, he's not ever been a bully because Bran is a good kid too, but he's just protective about Noah. And when it was time for him to leave and go to JHS, you were by that time.... totally more than okay. Okay to be there alone, so relieved he could be there with you for your first 2 years of shogakko. Anyways... all these years, I have enjoyed watching you come into your own element. And now you are a 6th grader. Yes you are still a little shy. Ha! You probably always will be. But...we love you exactly as you dearest Noah. I can't believe you will be graduating tomorrow. It frankly blows my mind. 
Thank you Branden for always being the best big brother...that any little brother would be lucky to have!!! And are shy yes, but that's okay. You are also kind and nice and absolutely gorgeous. When they announced your name at the..."Goodbye to the 6th graders" event last week" all grades voted what you were known for the most....they said..."Noah is known for always being kind and friendly to *everyone*" and that is so super true. They described you perfectly. And entered elementary school wearing gray. And I made sure when I picked out your graduation outfit, that I also picked out gray too. How truly fitting. At our local elementary school graduation ceremony....everyone wears their future JHS uniform for elementary school graduation. But since...Noah is going to the United States and has no JHS uniform like how they prefer kids to dress for graduation. I made sure to get Noah a suit. And considering Noah is as white as chalk (just look at his legs and face in this picture), I prefer get him a suit in gray, because it just suits his fair skin/coloring better. 

Tomorrow my dearest Noah, you will complete another milestone. Your elementary school education will be complete. I will watch you walk into that gymnasium one last time. I will clap and cheer and cry my eyes out! They will be proud tears. Not sad tears. They will be happy tears. They will be...I love you tears!!! It will be my very last time to ever step foot in that lovely amazing elementary school. And it will be the last time to ever be near all the other awesome parents and kids we have come to know all throughout these years. A chapter will close for you tomorrow.  And I will be there. On the sly...I will be waving to let you know where mom is sitting to reassure you as always. We have 2 cameras all charged up and ready to go. One of those takes very good digital videos. My suit is all ready. Tomorrow will be awesome! Just take it all in. Enjoy it. You will remember tomorrow for years and years to come trust me, I know. The journey to getting to this point... has been been absolutely amazing. Because this elementary school was so fun! You cooked. You had class turtles. You went on some amazing field trips with your class.  And I'm just so proud to be your mom. And know, that another adventure awaits you in America. So good luck tomorrow! We love you much!!! And yes, we're taking you to Jolly Pasta tomorrow night for your graduation dinner! Since that's the place you requested. Good luck tomorrow. We love you.